Saturday, June 30, 2012

She lives!

Last night was the first time I actually felt the effects of the heat -- it stayed at 105 until well into the evening, around 8pm, I guess. Matters weren't helped when I turned on the broiler about that same time for a half hour to roast some red bell peppers to take to our meditation group luncheon tomorrow, although my feeling was that it had reached a point inside where a little more heat didn't matter.  I'd had the wet cloth out to cool the skin long before that. The temp in the kitchen hit almost 90, which was a bit much.

However, this morning the kitchen is down to 70 and may go lower, since there's another hour or so of cool air to be drawn inside by the fans. It's times like this when I wish we had a nice multiplex theater in town -- a good place to sit and cool off. Our local theater is nearby and no doubt cool, but they only open in the evenings for one show, and the choices are limited, and generally not of interest to me. And as much as I dislike shopping, and malls, even an indoor mall would be welcome. As it is, my choices are somewhat limited to Walmart and Home Depot, and I can't see wandering around either for longer than it takes to get whatever I absolutely need -- and I got that yesterday.

Let's face it, my minimal discomfort is nothing, in comparison to wildfires and storms and extended heat for people who can't escape it at all. And it will pass.

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