Thursday, June 28, 2012

Heat wave coming

As bizarre as it seems -- considering it's due to hit 99 degrees here today -- I'm freezing! And this is the second day in a row. My 'night air' cooling system is working so great that it's just plain too cool in the early mornings. Last I looked, it was about 62 in my kitchen, probably a little lower here in the living area. Even with sweats on, that's not comfortable. Especially with both the ceiling fan and a window exhaust fan blowing that cool air around, and on me.

Still, it's hard to complain about it. This keeps the house cool all day -- in fact, yesterday it didn't even reach 80 in my kitchen, despite a high of 95 or so outside. This is a good thing.

I actually sat outside on the back porch for awhile yesterday, in the shade, just to warm up! I also know that won't last, since the next few days are due to be in the 100 range, with warmer nights. I take full advantage of these cooler nights, even while I complain about it (tongue-in-cheek).

Now, it's back under the blanket for me!

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