Saturday, June 16, 2012

I sit a lot

Mornin' y'all. And a fine, cool, quiet morning it is. Birds have begun to sing, but the neighborhood is blessedly quiet this early. Unlike the evenings (and late into the night last night) when the kids are screaming and the neighbor across the street is yelling about one thing or another.

The leg is doing just fine, but I gotta tell you, it's only day three and already I'm frustrated beyond belief. I'm not built for sitting around so much of the time. For being so inactive. I don't want to push it, because I simply don't have time to deal with any problems that might arise from overuse. The stitches come out July 3, I head for California July 5, and that's that. It has to heal.

This thing, and the big hole that's left, is smack in the middle of the big muscle that runs up the outside of the shin. This particular muscle is fairly well-developed in my legs, largely from years of cycling and general exercise. It may well be the strongest muscle in my body. And, it's used for everything -- flexes when you flex the ankle, which we do when we walk and when I squat down to work in the garden, for example, and more often than you'd realize until it becomes an object of focus like this. I need to use it as little as possible for the time being. So, I sit a lot. Or lie down a lot. My eyes glaze over from reading after awhile. Not much to watch from TV land or on Netflix. In fact, it's amazing how little there is to watch on Netflix! When you narrow down what I've already seen, and winnow out the junk I don't care to see, all that's left is a few (very few) films I haven't seen, mostly old ones, and a bunch that I don't mind seeing again. Certainly won't be worth keeping the thing going once this one-month free trial is over.

So -- that's it from boredom land. At least the weather is good! Warm dry days, cool nights. Pretty good for June in the deep south.


  1. I have been having a lot of foot problems of late. Several months ago I got a hairline fracture in on of my left foot bones. It was painful and hobbled me for some weeks. Have no idea how or where it happens. Now I am suffering from a brused right heel and a pain in the upper right foot when I stretch it forward... It may be another hairline fracture. I think I need to get a bone density test done and maybe pump up my calcium intake.. Its the getting old thing no doubt.

  2. Yep, getting old sucks. Although, while I complain a bit about my small issues, I do realize they are small issues and am grateful for the basic good health I have as I rapidly approach the ripe old age of 70. A bone density test is a good idea, although it seems odd that the bones in your feet would be cracking because of that. It's not like you're obese or anything, or out there running on them, pounding them in one way or another.