Saturday, June 16, 2012

Garden Life and Gleanings

I did mention that I was bored? Thus the urge and follow-through to pop out the camera and take a few photos. If I needed a reminder that I should be careful with the leg, I got it when I stooped down to take the garlic photo. Stretched skin, pulling at 12 stitches. Owee. Stings like stink!

Although the camera doesn't capture it well, I truly love sitting on my back porch and watching this view -- the flowers, the insects, the birds, all of it. I've trimmed that tomato plant a couple of times, fairly severely, but it doesn't seem to slow down much. Blueberries are ripening under the wooden frame and bird net. Basil requires constant cutting back (although the friends with whom I share that largesse don't complain).
The close up shows a little better why I enjoy the view -- love all the flowers that are growing in the perennial patch!

A few of the slower-drying onions sitting on my kitchen table, continuing to dry for storage. They are so good!
Some of the garlic that's drying in my bedroom -- and drying quite well. I'll leave it right where it is until I go to California, then I'll probably trim it up and store it in the refrigerator. It's pretty good, too!

So that's my day, such as it is. I must say once again, we are having stupendous weather for June in the deep south. Temps have been in the mid-80's, dry, and we've been blessed with afternoon clouds that come and go but do keep the temps down and the heat from the house. Cool nights cap it off perfectly. And we have at least another week or so of this forecast!

Of course, I'll be in muggy, buggy south Georgia beginning late August for 3 weeks, so even if I manage to miss unpleasant weather here, it'll get me. And that's OK. 

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