Monday, June 4, 2012


I'd forgotten just how strong the garlic smell is when I bring it indoors to cure. I guess I thought a few days on the back porch would lessen the odor -- and perhaps it did.  I brought it indoors this morning before I left for Curves, and when I got home a short while later, the smell was strong! But, I like garlic and I don't mind the smell of it, and it does lessen with time. And, the windows are open at night, which will draw some of it out. Right now, we've got an nice steady rain that's due to last for awhile, so windows are closed and the de-humidifier is humming away. It does a really good job -- keeps it comfortable in here. Will also help the garlic to dry out.

Doesn't look like quite as much as last year. Probably because I've been pulling it and using it for a few months now. It'll be enough.

Guess this is gonna be my week to get things done. Called the plumber, and he's going to do the work under the house. He's such a good person -- one thing I'll miss about living here is the overwhelming preponderance of really good people who live in this town. We may not agree politically or in matters of religion, but I don't think you'll ever find a place with such a high percentage of good folks. Possibly because it's rather an insular community and most of them are related in one way or another. Whatever the reason, the town has a lot of good people living in it.

And, I broke down and called a dentist in Rome to get a checkup. Got a couple of teeth that are getting a tad sensitive, and I need to get that checked. My insurance covers very little of it -- but at least it covers some, and I'll have to be sure he does only what's really necessary for the rest of it. I don't think there's anything serious anywhere.

So that's how my week is shaping up. And it's just begun!


  1. As much as you might like to move, it will not be an easy thing to do now or in the future... I think of it all the time. I let my mind roam to so many places I would rather be or live but I also know that if I returned to those places now, it would be so different as I am different and I suspect in a very short time I would not find much reason to be there. I told Imelda it has become a pipe dream... she said, 'what pipe dream?' I told her about smoking opium and finding the dreams of youth and fantasy and she said... 'oh yes, pipe dream... I known now.' So I enjoy my pipe dream now and then but must be content with what I have and grateful too. The secret is to full my life and not chastise myself for living it differently than I once did. I think getting your plumbing repaired is a wise decision... for the future.

    1. Oh, I'll move. The only question is where. Not planning to return to old haunts, not sure where I'll go. But if I end up moving across country again it won't be with any of the baggage (i.e. furniture and possessions) I brought with me. Getting the plumbing repaired is necessary -- to prevent costly water leaks. Now, if the roof leaks between now and spring -- I'll be getting out the buckets. No money going into this place that isn't required. I just have to serve out my three year sentence, then it's adios.