Wednesday, June 13, 2012

They got the whole thing

The doc literally took his 'pound of flesh' this morning. Well, maybe not really a pound, but he cut out a big chunk of it.  Not that I watched. I closed my eyes from the moment he sat down on his stool until they'd been stitching me back up long enough that I thought it was safe to look. And it was. The only way I could tell how much he cut out was the big depression underneath the line of stitches. Not to mention the length of the incision. She'd finished with the inside stitches and was starting the outside ones, stretching the skin and hoping the stitches will hold until it heals. I'm under strict orders to keep off my feet and keep this leg elevated for at least a couple of days, and then I can't do much more for the next 3 weeks, until the stitches come out. So much for Curves, although I can do upper body work, as long as I drive the 3 blocks instead of walking.

But what the heck. It's a good excuse to plop on the sofa with the leg up, reading or watching movies or TV shows. Not that I'll be content with that for long.  I may have to suck up my irritation at Netflix and re-join, so I'll have more to keep me occupied. Or not. I'm still nursing that particular grudge.

Anyway, for any of you out there who care, it does look as if I'll live to see another day, and despite the fact that it only took him 30 seconds or so to do the actual excision, I'm confident that they got the whole thing. These particular skin cancer types are not overly dangerous unless they've been ignored for a long time, and this one was brand new.

Guess I'd better get back to that elevated leg position.


  1. Like I have said... the worse thing was not feeling guilty about not out there busting ass....

  2. Well, I don't feel guilty, but I have been a bit bored here and there. I can only read for so long! Gave in and signed up for Netflix this morning, mostly because one movie I've wanted to see was finally released on DVD in the last year and I was sure they'd have it -- and they don't! Bummer. Not much new to watch, either, but some things I won't mind watching again.

    I've been the library and the grocery and I'm thinking that's enough walking for awhile. Time to hit the sofa.

  3. I have been getting good use out of my Kindle. I have been downloading free books and have enough in the que to last a year. I also started my new ship model... the Pourquoi Pas, Steam Bark. A French motor sailing turn of the century vessel. The kit is made by the Russians and the instructions are vague but I should be able to get through it.
    I watched season one and two of The Game of Thrones on a free website. It was really good. It will be another year before season three is available... Mad Men had it fanale and the Killing will end this coming Sunday. However Breaking Bad should return soon as well as Homeland this fall. I enjoy them all...