Friday, June 29, 2012

Staying inside where it's cool

I gotta say, I'm proud of my night air cooling system. At 4pm, the thermometer on my back porch (which faces east and is totally shaded most of the day) reads about 104. The one in my kitchen reads 80. That's not bad, folks! I expect the living room is a tad warmer, because it faces west and is getting the brunt of the sun right now, but with the ceiling fan going, it feels quite comfortable. Last night the kitchen crept up to 85 by 8:30 or 9pm, but by then it was time to open the windows, turn on the exhaust fans and let the fresh air in. I do that when the inside/outside temps reach about the same number.

This system worked fairly well last year, but is working much better this year and I have to guess that the reason is because this year I actually have the arm strength to close my kitchen window every morning, and raise it in the evening, along with the other windows in the house. That hasn't been the case before. In fact, it was climbing onto a chair so I could reach and open that window that led to me losing my balance, falling on the open oven door, and costing myself some $$ in repairs. I expect that a good bit of warm air got inside with it open.

It's good to see that my work at the gym in Rome and now at Curves is actually doing some good. I've even begun to use some of the leg machines -- lightly and cautiously, but that muscle has clearly regained much of the mass that was cut out, and the skin seems quite resilient, so I think it's safe. I'm ready to get those stitches out -- wish I didn't have to wait until Tuesday.

We can all give thanks that the humidity is low -- really low, like in the teens or twenties. That makes life a lot more comfortable. We're looking at similar temps tomorrow, then depending upon which forecast I look at we can expect more of the same for the next few days, or a slight lowering (down to 97) by Sunday. Not sure a few degrees either way makes much difference, but it sounds better.

The temps in Jenner this week, and forecast on into next week, have been averaging 85 with nights in the 50s. Not bad. Not bad at all. I'll need the sweats for the cool evenings and mornings, and cooler things for the rest of the time. And with the coastal fog, just how long the cool sticks around on any given day is totally unpredictable.

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