Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Stuff and Nonsense

Interesting day today -- in a way. In another way, if I can call this 'interesting' maybe I really do need to spice up my life a bit.

The route to the dentist took me over the old 'back way' to the job I had for a couple of years in Rome, and I was shocked to realize just how much tension arose in me just by being near the place. I actually made a detour to avoid going past it. Used to get that tension every morning I drove over there, and I guess the memories are still strong.

The dentist was different. Not a glitzy place, by any means. Kind of the opposite, really. Older, a bit shabby here and there, but people were friendly and seemed capable. Got a full set of x-rays and there was nothing -- nada, zero, zilch -- wrong. That's good, but doesn't explain the aching mouth. I'm beginning to wonder if it's tension and anxiety -- causing me to clench my teeth even when I don't think I'm doing it. Have begun some serious awareness of this, working to release tension.  And yes, I have been tense and I've been aware of it.  Hard to miss -- it's pretty strong!

I can't say I actually liked the dentist from a personal point of view -- but I'm not sure that really matters. The hygienist was nice, and she's about the only one I'll have much contact with. And they are one of the few in this area that take my medicare supplement health insurance, so I have to be grateful they are there. I need to return for cleaning, opted to schedule it for next Wednesday after my skin cancer excision. Might as well get it all over with in one morning, and that makes one less trip to Rome.

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