Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A drive through the low country?

After I left Atlanta in 1996 and headed west for 15 years, the one thing I always regretted, in the back of my mind, was that I never made it to Charleston, SC.  Never made it to Savannah, for that matter, but it's Charleston that's drawn me.  And, over the intervening years two of my favorite writers, Anne Rivers Siddons and Pat Conroy, wrote many wonderful books set in that area, honing my appetite even more. For a good while, I actually thought about moving to that area instead of Cedartown. I just finished another book set in Charleston, and found the draw to be as strong as ever, particularly in light of the thought that if I leave Georgia for the west coast next spring, any return to this part of the world is unlikely. I don't want to look back with regret again.

I'm going to be in Jesup, Georgia for three weeks, from late August to mid-September. That's not far from Savannah. With the help of Google maps and directions (with the mileage and driving time), I've got a real itch to take another day or so and drive up that way. Just 3 hours of driving time, from Jesup to Charleston. Finding an affordable place to stay overnight would be the real problem, of course, but wouldn't it be worth it? Just for a drive through the low country, Beaufort and its surrounding area, and a brief visit to Charleston? Just to say I've seen it? I'm tending to think that it would be well worth it, but being me, I'll leave the decision until closer to the time I leave for south Georgia. Still it's one of those ideas that, once imbedded in the mind, doesn't want to go away.

Not much else going on. Tired of sitting around!

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