Sunday, July 1, 2012

I'll take whatever I can get

Last night was a killer! Stayed around 109 outside from early afternoon until after 8pm, got up to about 85 inside for most of the evening and stayed there, although it was approaching 90 by the time I finally opened the house up. I drank gallons of water, lived with a wet cloth and dunked my head under the cold water faucet often -- seemed like every 5 minutes or so. And I could still tell that this old body wasn't happy. I finally went to bed around 10pm, tired enough to sleep with the aid of a Xanax, with both the ceiling fan and the window fan blowing air across me. At some point it cooled enough that I brought the blanket over me, but when I got up at 5am it was about 78 in my kitchen, which isn't a good omen. I opened the front and back doors, flipped on all of the ceiling fans, and an hour or so later it's getting closer to 75. Not good, but then, I'll take whatever I can get. I'm still feeling the effects of it -- headachy, whine whine.

A friend that I worked with in Rome called around 7pm or so, said it was 85 in his apartment with the AC going -- the unit just couldn't keep up with the heat.

Fortunately, I'll be leaving here around 8:30 and won't return until around 4pm -- our monthly half-day meditation in Cartersville. That house is high on a mountaintop and has to be at least a bit cooler, plus it's air conditioned. That will be a blessing! The house will still be hot when I return, but at least the body will have a chance to cool off for awhile. They're still saying it should cool off a tad by tomorrow. I can only hope.

Wherever you are, I hope you are safe today from whatever weather is in your life. At least I still have power, no floods, no fires, no raging thunderstorms.

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  1. Although the area has built up some since I have been living here, it is still rural enough that the concrete is at a minimum and there are lots and lots of sq. miles of pine and oak forest... and the three rivers. It does get hot but there is normally a afternoon breeze from the gulf. House stays comfortable... thank the gods.