Friday, July 27, 2012

Jayne Mansfield's Car Trailer

My regular web surfing to find a release date on this movie finally yielded some useful information. A trailer has been released (watch here) but apparently, the film has no U.S. distributor as yet, which is why no release date is to be found. That's not good news for those of us who hoped a successful film might bring a few tourists our way, add to the financial coffers of the local merchants. I'd sure like to see it have some kind of 2012 release to make it eligible for the Oscars. But then, perhaps it's just not a very good movie, although given its cast and provenance, that's hard to believe.

Still, I enjoyed the trailer. There are, I believe, four scenes in the trailer that were shot in our downtown. One was a simple street scene, then a little girl (actually Billy Bob's daughter) riding the brown mechanical horse that holds such memories for me, a war protest scene, and then a dance party out behind the West Theater. It also explains the name of the film, which has been a mystery thus far.

Check it out! And let's hope it comes to a theater near you (and me) real soon.

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  1. Seems to be a complex study of individuals within a group... where they are from,and where they are going. I suspect I would enjoy to details.