Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I'm home -- more or less

Let's say, my body is here. The rest of me is still adjusting and still needing a tad more sleep. You won't hear much from me today (and some of you may appreciate that), but naturally there will be more to come.

There were two definite highlights of the trip: Aranya Bodhi, of course, and the visit with my friends in Napa that included an auction to benefit a home for learning-disabled adults that was downright inspirational.

Here's some teasers:

When I arrived at Aranya Bodhi after a very long day of travel, I was greeted with the news that instead of having to set up my tent, a kuti was available for my use! This is the Ratana (jewel) kuti, nestled in the redwoods high up a hillside. It was my happy home for two weeks.

In Napa, we helped set up this table of auction items, and let me tell you, there were some very fine wines in these lots!
So - there's something to look forward to down the road. Once I get life at home back under control once more.

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