Wednesday, June 1, 2016

New, but temporary, home

So, these are my new digs. Small, but comfortable. Roomie wants to get a desk for the room, but for now at least I think I am going to stick with the footstool being the desk. Convenient -- I can read it while relaxing, and without being connected to the large monitor it's totally portable. Don't love the bed against the wall, but the room is much more spacious this way so I'll keep there.

Instead of a desk, I think I might ask her for a chest of drawers. She offered both, but there's not room for both. I could store the desk items I routinely need in a drawer, use others for other things. Don't have much in the way of clothes that need drawers.

Also have my denture fixed, although he warned me that it might break again. Since a new one costs $1100, I'm just going to have to take the chance and be sure not to eat anything that requires biting with all the front teeth -- like pizza and sandwiches. Don't need the pizza, rarely eat sandwiches, so that shouldn't be an issue.

So today will be resting and organizing, plus a little food shopping. No cable TV here, but roomie gave me a hint about inserting the end of a paper clip into the connector on the TV, so I get one local network station quite clearly. Want to figure out what I'd need to do to get the rest of them. TV is also connected to wi-fi now, so I can use my Hulu subscription there rather than the computer, and will probably give Netflix another try, for awhile. Also get that on the TV.

So -- weather hot here, and getting hotter by the weekend. As in record-breaking hot. The house has AC, a window-type unit located in the living room, but since I don't like AC I keep my door closed and open the window or door. Worked fine yesterday, and it was about 85 out there.

Enough of my drivel. Easy to tell when I'm tired -- I tend to run off at the mouth, and that apparently extends to the blog as well. Alas.

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