Friday, May 27, 2016

Restless. Or, I hate waiting!

Did I mention that I'm going stir crazy as I sit here and wait for time to start moving? Well, I think I did, and I know I am. I'm restless, itchy, not much to do. There'll be a little more to do on Sunday, as I can start sorting boxes and load the car for the first trip, on Monday. Some of the stuff I won't be able to pack until Monday -- the basic things I'm using.

In the meantime -- I'm trying to be patient. In an effort to alleviate the need to do something, I ran a few errands out on the west side and hied myself off to a section of the Fern Ridge Bike Trail that I particularly like.

This large and noisy group reached the path just after I did and while it took awhile for them to get organized enough to pass me by, once they were gone all was peaceful once again.

Lots of green out there right now, plus a share of daisies and blackberry flowers. This is Amazon Creek, which has its headwaters in the hills and forest behind the house, where I've enjoyed hiking this past year. In the distance, beyond the industrial roofs and stacks, is the city.

Lots of cattails and a few dandelions out, too. This is looking west, toward the coast mountain range.

No signs of bird life along the canal today. Generally a heron or two, but not today. Wonder what caused that little ripple?

Just a lot of gently-flowing water and plenty of vegetation. This wild aspect is one of the reasons I like this section of the trail, as it wends through wetlands. 

So that was my hike. Nothing serious -- didn't expect it to be. But it scratched the need to do something other than sit in my room and watch bad TV. I'm still restless. Still ready to do something, but I will be patient. She says.

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