Sunday, May 1, 2016

The Eugene Marathon passes through the neighborhood

From the foot of the trail that goes down the hill from the house.
I was just finishing up breakfast dishes this morning when I heard the sounds of music (drums and cowbells) down at the foot of the hill. The Eugene Marathon! I knew, but had forgotten, that the course looped around and headed back to town at that point. Naturally, I couldn't resist the thought of that kind of fun and merriment going on so close to home, so off I went.

I missed the elite runners, of course, but that's ok. It was all about the fun anyway. Something to do for awhile on an otherwise dull Sunday morning. Plus, I'd just eaten a very high-calorie breakfast and knew it would be good to walk some of it off anyway.

Making the first turn.

It's a beautiful day outside -- due to hit temps into the 80s. Know I should get out again, but don't have enough energy and/or drive to think about actually doing it. But this was fun.

The loudest drummer! And making the turn back to town.
The 'band' -- more drums and cowbells
It's Eugene, after all.
Took the circuitous route home, on the running trail. Still love these blue flowers!
Everything seems to be blooming right now!

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