Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Dogwoods and rhodies

Last week while out randomly walking the neighborhood streets I came upon a sight so beautiful that I went back yesterday with the camera. Unfortunately, we had a lot of rain over the weekend so most of what made it so beautiful was missing. You can sort of see to the right and left, remnants of pink dogwood, along with the gorgeous pink rhododendrons. I think they'll perk up, but the petals were droopy from sheer water saturation and hadn't been hit by the sun to dry out.

Fortunately, there were lots of other things to see along my path. Rhodies and dogwoods. Being a southern girl, dogwoods are near and dear to my heart. But the local rhodies are a right up there with them.

This small dogwood had the advantage of being in the full sun so its petals had a chance to dry out. There were a few others along the way, but nothing so spectacular as the first photo should and would have been had I perhaps been there a little later in the morning.

These blue flowers, whatever they are, are blooming in masses alongside this long running trail. Not well represented here, but my walk did not take me to the area where they are most prolific.

See why I love walking these neighborhoods? Something lovely to see year round, it seems.

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