Wednesday, May 4, 2016

New addition

 Bought myself a new easy chair a couple of weeks ago -- and I love it! This one is super comfortable, soft and squishy but still supportive. And the footstool makes it perfect. I spend a lot of time here, watching TV into the evening whereas before I'd prop myself up with pillows on the bed for that because the old chair just wasn't all that comfortable.

You might remember this one. Big and bulky, taking up the space of a loveseat! And, that big cushion wouldn't stay in place, would slide out every time I sat it it. The new one doesn't have a removable seat, so it doesn't go anywhere. This one went back to the thrift store, taken away by the guys who delivered the new one. Neither is really 'my style', but in this case, comfort wins.

Maybe a little crazy, considering that I'm going to be moving soon and don't know where I'm moving to yet. But, I hadn't gone to the store looking for a chair -- merely a large glass mixing bowl. The chair stopped me in my tracks and I even went back in the afternoon to have a better look at it, sit in it again, etc. Then waited until the following morning before calling to make the purchase. That's called learning how to not be impulsive, I think.

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