Wednesday, May 25, 2016


A week from today I should be waking up in a new apartment, if all goes well. I have no reason to think it won't go well, and frankly, I can't wait! Not because I hate living here, or because the new place is all that wonderful, but because the stress and tension of these last couple of months has not been good for my mind or my body. I vanquished the last minute worries about this move yesterday, stopped looking for an alternative, and feel good about the whole thing. But that didn't help me sleep any better last night, and hasn't stopped the tension from being apparent even this early in the morning. I just want it over with.

Many things to look forward to at the new place. A nice, if small, east-facing room with a large private balcony off it is a good beginning. Lots of nice morning sun, shady afternoons. I'm pretty sure I'll be able to hang my hammock out there and chill out -- a lot! Great place to sit and drink morning coffee, evening wine, whatever.  After the dark room I've lived in for the past 15 months, this sunny, light-filled room will be a nice change. There will be other changes that may not be so nice, but I don't think they'll be unbearable, either. I've come to look forward to living in that part of Springfield for awhile -- found a place not too far away that makes/sells fresh tortillas (a biggie for me), plus the proximity to all the stores I frequent and a big Goodwill at the end of the block. I love passing time at Goodwill, looking for bargains. And there's the nice gym at the complex, which I hope to make good use of. I've been idle for the last couple of weeks -- no walks or anything else to speak of, because of lack of energy and enthusiasm. Getting rid of the 'moving' issues should alleviate lots of that.

So -- that's where my world is right now. And for the next week.

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