Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Almost over!

Now it's just 'hurry up and wait'.

Most of my stuff is already at the new place. All that's left is stuff that's being used and will be used until I leave. Most of that can be packed tomorrow afternoon with only a tiny bit left for Thursday morning. Much of it is already packed. I've run my errands, done my bookkeeping, cleared out stuff that needed to be cleared, put my kefir grains to bed in the refrigerator with a quart of milk until I get back, am feeding my sourdough today and again tomorrow, so it'll also be happy. Laundry tomorrow.  Camera and mouse batteries charging. And that, my friends, is about it.

I'll be gone before I know it -- yet somehow, still not soon enough! Still, it could be (and has been) far worse. The room is still middling cool and comfortable, before the afternoon heat onslaught hits. And I am simply biding my time, biding my time. Starting to feel really excited that this awful month-long experiment is almost over. Almost over!

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