Sunday, June 12, 2016


Would you believe I am going to move again? Again!!!! Needless to say, things are not working well here. Three out of 8 of the first nights here, she was cooking in the kitchen for a couple hours after 10pm, once at 3am. And of course, I don't sleep then. Otherwise it's ok, but that is the key point, of course. So after the most recent time, I decided to move on.

The good news is that I've found a place that is almost unbelievable! It's in the little town of Coburg, a few miles north of Eugene off I-5. Quiet, pretty, sleepy little town that I've ridden my bike through countless times. Only 6 miles back to Eugene and the nearest grocery store.

It's a rambling older home on a big corner lot. Big sunny kitchen. Spacious and comfortable. And I'll have what might be considered the master bedroom, which has sliding doors onto the back patio/yard and a private bath with a real, old clawfoot tub. No shower, but I can use the shower in the other bath. It's large enough to put my stuff, and there's a nice, dry shed in the back yard that will store my other stuff.  The woman is about 55,  also an early-to-bed-early-to-rise sort, and that'll be wonderful. We seem really compatible, unlike the previous two roommates. They were nice, but not people I'd be friends with. So I'll be moving in on the 30th and am really looking forward to it. Will be able to have my bike, of course, and look forward to riding those long, straight, level country roads through farmlands.

In all actuality, the place is luxurious compared to what I've been used to. Especially the bed/bath suite. It's beautiful -- and there is sunshine everywhere. Bedrooms are well-separated so there's no issue of disturbing one another. In fact, I no longer even care how long it takes for my apartment to open up. This is a place I could probably live in forever and be content. But I'd better not get too used to it!

To celebrate, of course, and since it was lunchtime, I stopped in downtown Springfield on my way home and hit the Plank Town Brewing Company for lunch. A big burger cooked rare, and one of their brews called Riptooth IPA, which was exceptionally good. I sat outside under an umbrella, although I found a corner of warm sunshine. Lovely experience all around.

So now I'm back 'home' to find that another roommate will be moving in next door and that I'll need to share the bath with him between now and the end of the month. Bummer! But it's only a couple of weeks. He works nights and sleeps all day, so shouldn't be much of a problem for me otherwise.

I feel good now -- will be happy at the new place for as many months as are needed until I can make the 'final' move. Life is good.

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