Thursday, June 2, 2016

Sleep, culture shock, and a Ninja

Day two in the new digs. Two things abundantly clear: One, with very little sleep last night on top of all the previous nights, my body feels as if it's starting to shut down. The brain as well. My heart rate has been accelerated for a week or more. It's not a good feeling, certainly, and I have nothing to take to ensure some sleep tonight. My eyes are so tired, hurt so much that even with glasses I couldn't focus on signs while driving this afternoon. But this will eventually pass, as all things do.

I've been focusing on rest and nutrition, trying to keep the body as strong as possible. Had to go out for awhile late this afternoon -- drive 15 blocks and return -- and wasn't sure I could actually do it. Safely, that is. But I did. Not planning to go anywhere at all tomorrow, although I am certainly stir crazy in this room, need to get out somehow. But how, when I haven't the energy to drive? Or walk? I really can't remember when I've been this totally drained. Would have slept last night, but there was noise inside the unit and outside the unit from 10pm to midnight or later, and once that delicate time window of sleep for me is broken, interrupted, it's over for awhile. I'm getting used to late night TV, which will eventually put me to sleep.

The second realization is something I knew intellectually but have finally begun to experience personally: Springfield is NOT Eugene! Simply crossing the river is like crossing into some kind of alternate universe, almost. A different culture -- more conservative, for one thing.  It's just such a huge difference from liberal, hippie, intellectual Eugene. A different mind-set, attitude and much more. Thus some of the noise around here at night and even during the day. But that's ok. I'll get used to it and find ways to work around the noise. I hope!

Marijuana edibles went on sale in Oregon today to the general public, and I was more than a bit tempted to stop at one of the many stores, to help me sleep. It works -- tried it back in January for awhile but I had to make my own edible from the dried buds and that was much too time-consuming to try it again. Smoking it is not an option, for me. No interest, and I don't have the lungs for it. I just want to sleep.

Last week I tried my ex-roommate's Ninja blender to see if it really was that much better than my blender for the morning smoothie -- and indeed it was! Much better. I decided to buy one next time they came up on Woot! and wouldn't you know, it came up later that same day. So I ordered, it arrived yesterday. Amazing machine. Not the little Ninja, this is a monster blender with 1500 watts and special programmed buttons for use in making specific kinds of things. Chops up seeds, frozen fruit, spinach, fresh ginger and basically whatever I want to put into the smoothie, just with the to-go cups and small blade. Haven't yet used the blender bowl with a tall, corkscrew blades. But this was a winner, to be sure.

So that's it. Not very exciting, I'm afraid. Please send thoughts of sleep and rest, to get this old and worn out body back on the road to recovery.

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