Thursday, June 23, 2016

Only a week away

I can finally say that it's less than a week before I get to move out of this dormitory, and it's not a minute too soon. OK, it's a week. But less than sound so much better. I've chilled a good bit about it all, but that may be because I've given  in to the time-honored stress response of eating. No matter how clearly I realize that this is in the end an unwelcome and even dangerous response, I seem unable to stop it. Probably because I have no real desire to stop it. I'll be sorry next time I step on a scale (this afternoon at the doc's office). So -- having less than a week to go is good for my physical health as well as my mental health.

At the new place, I'll have good company, lots of space, beautiful surroundings and many miles of my favorite kind of bike riding available right outside the door.

A week from tomorrow I'll be driving south to Napa, and I'm finally looking forward to that. For awhile it seemed to be a necessary but undesirable trip, undertaken only to have a place to live for the week. It's still necessary, but not nearly as undesirable. Looking forward to some warm and sunny weather and all the good wine I can afford to buy. Trying to talk a good friend into going with me, but not sure if that will happen. He's a bit unpredictable when it comes to such things. But while a companion would make the trip less tiring, I've made it alone many times in the last couple of  years (and previous years), and I'll survive doing it again if it comes to that. And, whether alone or not I know I'll enjoy a week of peace in that beautiful house in that beautiful valley that I love so much. It'll be especially welcome after a month in this place!

That's it for today. Not much going on here (lots going on in DC, though!).

Cold, overcast and wet here today -- in the midst of a long and pleasant spell of warm, sunny weather. Nice, as long as it only lasts one day!

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