Saturday, June 18, 2016

New adventures

Another trip to Coburg, another opportunity/excuse to stay away from here for awhile and have a nice lunch elsewhere. I could have come back here, but when I get out for awhile, I want to stay a little longer.

I noticed a few weeks ago that there is a Filipino restaurant just across the street from here, more or less, and since my TV chef/traveler Andrew Zimmern has said that Filipino food is delicious and worth a try, I've been wanting to follow that advice. So I did. It really was delicious, and there was plenty of it. Always nice to have a change of pace in the diet. My own cooking gets old -- especially the limited amount I'm able to do here. So, a tasty and filling lunch and a nice and much-needed nap. Life is good.

I took a car load of stuff over there and put it in the shed, managing to hit the sweet spot between showers so none of it got wet. Another nice talk with my new roommate, who I think I'll really enjoy being around. Even met one of the neighbors. Less than 2 weeks to go now and I'll be free from this place forever.  I did mention, did I not, that as of last Sunday I have two roommates sharing this level of the house with me? The 'quiet young man that works nights' brought along his very pregnant girlfriend who is home all day, is very loud and noisy, sits around watching TV, loud. That's been fun, I must say. Noisy, crowded. So I stay in my room 99% of the time.

Did I also mention that I'll be driving down to Napa/Sonoma for a week in between the two places? The move/in out dates didn't match up, so rather than staying here for another week (if that would even be possible) I opted to drive south. I'll be staying in my friends' beautiful home overlooking Napa (they won't be there, so I'll have it to myself), and driving to Sonoma every day to help the bhikkhunis get their new home ready for occupancy and use as an actual monastery. They are so excited about this, and I have been wanting to see it, and help, so this should work out fine. Driving down on July 1st, back on the 7th.

So that's what's going on here. Not a whole lot! My life in this room is far from exciting. Mostly limited to whatever free TV I can get, Netflix and reading. But, new adventures are right around the corner.

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