Monday, June 6, 2016

Urban gardening

My little outdoor sanctuary early this morning. Hard to tell, but in the pots are (l-r) a yellow cherry tomato (the only cherry tomato the store had), a pot of parsley, rosemary and thyme (where's the sage?), and a lone basil plant. I hope they thrive!

Plan is to let the cherry tomato climb the railing and cascade down. There are little yellow buds opening, and I hope the shock of replanting doesn't kill them off.

The human mind is a rather amazing thing -- I know that, have seen it clearly during all my years of looking closely at the mind through meditation and the buddhist teachings, yet I am still surprised at times. Yesterday, starting in the early morning, I noticed I was already having sleep anxiety for that night, since I had no more grass. And I had also noticed the lack of it on Friday once I decided to buy the grass-laced cookie. That sleep anxiety is one of the biggest obstacles I have to overcome every day and every night. Last night I took some liquid OTC sleep aid, but knowing I had that didn't alleviate the anxiety all that much.

What's interesting to me is the difference in sleep quality. Both nights after eating the cookie I slept soundly, awoke refreshed. Last night, I slept somewhat soundly but with some unpleasant side effects and I awoke groggy and not particularly refreshed. Tonight, it's back to au naturel, I'm afraid. We'll see how that goes!

Yesterday I took the bus from here to downtown Eugene, to the library. About a two hour trip, although might well be faster on weekdays when buses run more often. As I passed the edges of old-town Springfield en route (the same road I take every time I head to Eugene) I had the bright idea to take the bus down there some day and just walk and explore. That part of Springfield is really quite charming, on the outside anyway. Old brick buildings, nice shops and brew-pubs, antique shops, etc. And I know it extends beyond Main Street, which is the one I travel. So, an adventure for tomorrow, perhaps. I want to include stopping for some fresh tortillas at a tortilleria down there while I'm at it.

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