Monday, March 2, 2015

It's all about being warm

I'm still here. Tired, achy (less so today, however), but glad to be here in this lovely new space. No photos yet -- still getting it 'together' -- but soon. Stay tuned.

Every night when I go to bed I find that I am flooded with several specific things that bring great happiness. First -- it's so good to be in a place that isn't cold! I even open the window a crack at night for ventilation, and it's still comfortable. I really, really like that, because I was rarely warm in the cottage, even wrapped in fleece blankets.

Secondly, I'm grateful for a bed that's warm (don't even need the electric blanket, as the room is not cold enough to make it necessary), and a bed that doesn't threaten to slide off the box springs every time I get out of it. And a bed that is wide enough that I don't feel cramped in a narrow space and where the covers aren't constantly sliding off on one side or the other. I could go on, but you get the picture. A real bed is a thing of joy.

And then there is the absolute quiet, and the lack of lights flooding into the room at night, setting a much better stage for actual sleep. I'm still tired, but energy will return. I do plan to rest up, skip the gym this week. The body demands it.

Had a flock of wild turkeys wander up the hill yesterday morning in what appeared to be a ritual for them -- the gobbling drew me to the window. That was cool. We are literally on the edge of the 'wilderness' here -- meaning large parks and private rural property extending beyond this edge of the city.

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