Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Happy St. Patty's Day

It's St. Patty's Day! Little did we know when we went for an after-lunch walk along the Amazon Bike Path that we'd end up in some celebrations for the day.

Eugene has a wonderful, newish (7 years or so) artisan brewery called Ninkasa. It's grown by leaps and bounds and we stopped there after our hike for a beer. It was the middle of the afternoon, so we were surprised when a bagpipe band arrived, followed by a food truck that backed into the patio. They didn't stay all that long -- I heard something about another gig in Springfield this afternoon and yet another somewhere else later in the day. But -- it was all unexpected to us, so we greatly enjoyed. An employee came out and lit the fire, and we decided we needed a second beer.

For some reason, I was taken by this drum, or the lettering on it, so there are lots of photos. Men and women in kilts with bagpipes and drums all filled the air with joyful noise. We left after the second beer, which is a good thing.

A nice atmosphere -- lights under the canopy (light rain came, eventually, so we also popped under the canopy).

Ninkasa makes good beer, and they are expanding, so if any comes to your neighborhood, give it a try.

Other than that, a quiet day. My cell phone charger doesn't seem to have made the short trip across town in the latest move, so tomorrow I need to go in search of a new one. The frustrating thing is, what happened to it? I don't have all that much stuff, and it 'should' have been with the other chargers and wires -- but when I went to look for it today, it wasn't anywhere to be found. Alas. They're available, but may need to be ordered. Aaaargh!

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