Saturday, March 14, 2015

Lions and Tigers and Bears -- Oh My!

As I walked to the bus stop this morning I passed a trailhead sign that works for both the in-town running trail and the hiking trail through the woods that takes off in the opposite direction. A warning sign caught my attention, and since I was early for the bus, I went over to take a look: Bears and cougars inhabit this area year-round......if attacked, fight back.

I left out the warnings between the first and last, but you get the idea. That old saying, ignorance is bliss, comes to mind here. I'd much rather not know, so I could hike those trails and hills with abandon. Now, when I'm up there, I'll no doubt always be looking over my shoulder, jumping at every sound. I don't like hiking around bears and cougars! There were cougars at the hermitage in the redwoods, I heard them often and sometimes right outside my kuti. Undoubtedly, there were bears as well, but somehow, the cougars worried me more. I got used to them and in time, the rattlesnakes became a much bigger and more likely issue in certain areas.

Oh, well. It was that kind of morning. I sat at the bus stop until about 5 minutes past when I expected the bus, then headed back home. On the way, I began to wonder I'd remembered the time correctly. Seemed odd that the Saturday bus would arrive at the same time as the weekday schedule, but I knew I'd checked the Saturday schedule. Still, by the time I got home up the hill I knew I'd screwed up -- and yes, the bus was due to arrive 20 minutes later than I thought it was. There's a video being held for me at the library and I wanted to pick it up, watch it this weekend. Alas.

It's drizzly out there, too -- not uncommon here of course, and we need the moisture. I carry a small folding umbrella, but refused to use it because real Oregonians don't use umbrellas! I didn't get soaked, just damp.

So -- guess this day is going to be quiet reading, with a few of yesterday's TV shows to watch. That works for me. Right now, a little hot chocolate sounds good to my chilled body.

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