Friday, March 27, 2015

New shelving

A new addition to the room has helped with storage and reducing clutter. Note the white cube shelving in the middle of the wall.

I've been looking for awhile for something used to fill this need, but have become tired of fruitless trips to various thrift stores. This is new, inexpensive, and very flexible for here as well as future needs. Perfect.

Of course, it comes in a box and needed assembly, and of course the first box I brought home wasn't the color I wanted. I'd wanted plain black, but it turned out to be dark brown woodgrain, so I returned it and traded for the white, which has turned out to be a better choice, anyway. That box weighed 40 lbs, so getting it from the store and home twice was almost more than this old body could handle, but it's done. Looks so much better, makes the TV visible from either the chair or the bed, let me unpack books. So, I'm a happy camper.

I would love to paint this half of the room a light color, because it's really dark in here, but I don't really have the energy or a strong enough desire to really do it. Nothing on the walls yet, but eventually. Maybe.

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