Monday, March 30, 2015

D-day -- as in, Diet Day

Today is day one, of 21.  The book calls for dropping red meat and alcohol today, but both are a moot point. I can't remember the last time I had red meat, and alcohol is sporadic at best. So, no biggie for that.

And, the things that are allowed are basically the things I eat, anyway, so that's not a problem.

What is different is the full pound of veggies per day. This is part of today's pound -- a whole red bell pepper, a small tomato, and fresh Broccoli Raab. The rest goes into my smoothies as raw greens, and there were a couple of breakfast radishes as well.

I had a lot of issues around everything she wanted done for 'prep' work -- and in the end have
decided against any of them. Most were beyond my pocketbook -- a rash of bloodtests for hormone levels, body fat tests and such that can't be calculated by measurements. A blood testing kit for glucose, to be used daily. All kinds of body measurements and the various things that can be calculated from them -- ratios of all kinds.

And then there are all the food calculations involved: protein, carbs, fiber, and calories (even though she says 'forget about counting calories), and fructose once fruit is discontinued. So, while not offering any suggestion for how many calories to have per day, she says to 'fill in the remaining calories with healthy fats, which should be half the calories you take in'. And increasing fiber by 5g per day. And doing all kinds of calculations. And getting a FitBit band and smart phone app to record how much sleep you're getting at night and your daily footsteps, and presumably an app that would break out all those food content things for you.  I already do calories and protein by hand, daily, but I'm not willing to add carbs and fiber and fructose into the mix.

So -- I'll follow the actual diet part -- what to eat and what not to eat -- but that's it. I really don't need all those benchmarks to see if the diet works. Hopefully, weight will come off and I'll feel better. That's all I ask.

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