Thursday, March 5, 2015

Life is good

So, I can't say it's exactly 'together', but I felt like posting a photo anyway, as is. This is my new home -- where I spend most of my time here. Spacious, bright enough (I love more windows, and the walls are dark, but it's not bad and I can change the color if I want), very comfortable. Warm. What more could I ask?

Well -- it would be nice if the TV would agree to talk to the wireless router all the time and without added effort on my part. Right now, there is a work-around wherein I have to go and push a button on the router when I want to use the TV, and that doesn't always work. When it connects, it's great. I'm sure there is an answer out there. This is at the moment a minor issue.

This is the view out the window -- which ain't bad at all! Trees, squirrels, birds, turkeys. There are houses at the foot of the hill, barely visible here, but they can't see inside unless I'm standing at the window, as I was for this photo.

This whole spot is carved from a forest of big fir trees like this -- enough taken out (presumably) for buildings and parking areas, but no more. Gotta love it.

We are having marvelous weather here! Cold nights, warming up daily -- 64 today, 67 tomorrow, 66 for the following few days -- and sunny. Doesn't hurt my feelings at all, even though I realize we do need rain this time of year.

I'm mostly over my aches and pains and fatigue that resulted from last week (in the gym and in moving). Still sleepy, but that's ok. I'm used to that. Next week, back to the gym. Today -- maybe more exploration of trails around here. I went exploring a couple of days ago and found the trail that leads to a big butte (3.5 trail miles from the starting point). Lots of steep ups and downs from here to get to the trail, which was level for the short distance I could see but won't stay that way for long. There's about 1000' of elevation change to the top of the butte from that point.  I'll take the camera this time.

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