Thursday, March 26, 2015

The answer?

Just got this book and started to read. Will it be the answer I've been looking for? I think it'll be forever impossible to tell, because miraculously, my body already seems willing to release some of this fat. Finally!

I always hate reporting any weight loss, because I know so well how losing a few pounds can backfire, and balloon right back up despite continuing the efforts that supposedly burned it off in the first place. Thus, I've waited almost a week to see if the trend would continue, or backfire. So far, it's continuing. Hallelujah!

I'm down around 4 lbs in the last week. I can't see the difference in the mirror yet, and it's only barely translated to the tape measure, but I can feel it. The body feels lighter, thinner, and I feel better as a result, physically as well as emotionally.

My frustrations from last week spurred me to work a little harder, make more changes. I lowered the calorie count to average under 1200 per day, dropping to or below 1000 a couple of days, followed by a day of higher cals so the body wouldn't react by sensing 'starvation' coming. Plus, I've upped my exercise level. I've been more consistent at the gym, insisting upon a full hour with every visit, plus I walk around the 'block' after lunch daily. It's not a lengthy trip, but it does have some substantial hill climbing involved. I started taking longer walks on the nearby running trail from time to time -- a couple of miles at a time -- and I'm wearing an odometer.

But, I also have known for years that my metabolism was out of whack, and that other hormones were off as well. I've just been unable to find the solution so I ordered this book to give it a chance. I heard the author being interviewed early last week, and was intrigued by what she had to say. I read enough of the 'free' pages on Amazon to know that I already abide by many of the nutritional aspects. I also know that I'm not plagued by hunger, or an inability to resist processed carbs or other foods, nor do I have insatiable food cravings or eat mindlessly. I've studied nutrition since the late 1960s, and while I'm no expert, I know a few things. But that knowledge and continued research didn't seem able to solve the  problem, thus the book.

Of course, now the downward trend appears to have begun, so it'll be tough to tell what results come from this book in terms of weight loss. But I can still try it, see if the hormone reset works (although I'm not sure how I'll know, really). I just started reading this morning, and want to read through it before beginning the diet, which will require shopping for lots of veggies, if nothing else! Her premise is to drop some things from the diet every three days, while adding new things. Each of these three day periods is supposedly designed to reset a specific hormone. The first week requires dropping red meat and alcohol, and eating a pound of veggies every day. Other than all the veggies, that won't be much different from my normal diet. I eat that way most of the time -- rarely eat red meat, don't have alcohol on any daily basis.

In fact, lots of the things that are to be dropped are things I already don't eat or eat sparingly (red meat, alcohol, sugar, grains), but some are (dairy, fruit, a small amount of caffeine). These are not permanent changes -- the diet requires 3 weeks of adherence to reset 7 hormones and then one can begin adding things back into the diet slowly. I haven't gotten that far yet in my reading to know details. One step at a time!

I'll keep you posted.

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