Monday, March 9, 2015

A neighborhood stroll

I went on an exploration hike today, decided to tell the story in photos, as I am wont to do. Above is the trail that leads off our road down to the next road, the bus stop, and several trail access points. It hangs a left just beyond the last post, levels out for awhile before going down once more, to the street.

One of two bridges I encountered. As you can see, beautiful day here. About 63 up here at the moment. SO hard to take this time of year.

These lush ferns remind me more of the Coast trail than what I expected to find around here.

The trail is wonderfully built and maintained, not too steep, and of course, the sunshine on the trees is something I just love. And remember, this is a city park. Eat your heart out.

These trillium are the only wildflowers I saw. Too shady up there, I guess.

Second bridge -- in the shade. I went a bit further from here -- the trail began to get steep, I was already 30 minutes from home, plus there were a couple of women coming up from below making a hellacious racket out there in the peaceful woods. The combination sent me back down the hillside.

I'd crossed this gravel road going up, knew it was the access road for the power lines. Being in an exploratory mood, I opted to follow it up the hill, as I knew I could access the trail above my home from this road. That distant peak, by the way, is where this trail eventually leads, 3.5 miles later. I don't think I'm quite up to that just yet, But I will make it eventually. This photo is looking back toward the lower trail. I headed the other way.

I can see these signs from my windows, above. From here, I could have followed the gravel road uphill for awhile longer, but opted to take this street back to our access trail.

This trail goes up for awhile, below the house and then up again. That house is on our street level, but still downhill from us.

Taken from our balcony. The small white arrow points to those red and yellow signs, far below.

All in all, a lovely way to spend an hour. The body feels great -- no serious ill-effects other than some possibly exacerbated at the gym this morning. I could have kept going -- but I simply don't have the will power I once had for such things.

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