Thursday, February 26, 2015

Wait for it...

It's Thursday -- two more days to wait it out until I can move. More or less. I get to move my things into the house on Saturday, but I don't get to move my body in until Sunday, due to a mixup between the new landlady and the current tenant. He wanted to stay one more night -- then actually asked to stay for another week after she agreed to the extra night. The landlady's answer to that was would I consider camping in the spare room (which is full of junk, no bed), stay with a friend of hers, or a friend of mine. I agreed to stay one night with a friend of mine, but had to hold my ground on the rest of it. I was kind of bummed out about the whole thing yesterday, so I didn't take any stuff over as I'd planned. Lost my taste for it. But -- that'll pass. I still look forward to being there.

So now I'm back to waiting, mixed in with whatever prep I can do, such as cleaning, some packing, etc. Frankly, there's not a whole lot more I can do until tomorrow, so I'm gonna take this day and chill out, relax, try to have some fun. If you can call laundry fun. Have given up on cooking for the balance of the week, which gives me a perfect excuse to have something fun for lunch today and tomorrow. I like that!

I worked myself silly at the gym yesterday. I've been whining internally (and sometimes externally) about how I can't seem to work my muscles to the failure point, so I thought I'd see if I could make that happen. I'm probably using weights that are too light, because I'm still feeling out how much this body can handle at this age, but even when I bump them up a notch or so I'm still able to keep going with ease. Yesterday I did bicep exercise after bicep exercise, different ones, different weights, and kept going like the Eveready bunny. Finally, tired of the whole thing, I grabbed a weight bar that did the trick -- only a few curls and yep, couldn't do more. Fast forward to this morning, and while the biceps don't feel particularly sore, I really do feel it in associated shoulder muscles, which seems to be where I feel arm exercises the most lately. Plus I kind of overdid the back work (although not to the damage point) and that certainly lets me know it's unhappy. Then there's that fatigue factor. Not sure I accomplished what I wanted with all that, but I tried. And of course, I'll be back at it tomorrow, albeit with the upcoming move with lots of up and down stairs involved.

So that's it. Next message -- probably from the new place. Wish me luck.

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