Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Moving again....

In a month or less, this will be my new home! Notice all the trees outside the windows. This is a townhouse in south Eugene, in the hills surrounded by forests and abutting a large park. It cascades down the side of the hill in 3 levels, with this main level being street level. There are hiking trails in the area. It's quiet and private and has off-street parking.

I'm gonna love that big, private, forest-like deck for some walking meditation. Have never had a real place to do that anywhere I've lived, and this should do it. It's also in the snow zone -- at a high enough elevation that it gets more than downtown, and lasts longer. Beautiful to look out at, but I won't be driving in it, for sure. It doesn't happen all that often or last too long.

My bedroom is on the next level down, and while it's just a basic, dull box of a room, it has a big window overlooking this same view, and I have a good-sized full private bath on the same level. The kitchen is great -- large, well-equipped, with plenty of room to add my own stuff. There's also a washer and dryer, so weekly laundromat trips will be a thing of the past. It's a place where I will feel totally comfortable that it's 'my' place too -- that I won't be an intruder in the owner's space.

I'll have a roommate, of course, but only one. She's younger (52), has a full time job with a non-profit, and is about as easy to get along with as anybody I know. Her bedroom is on the 3rd level down, so there's plenty of privacy. When I started looking, I thought about how easy it was to live in the vihara in Santa Rosa, with 2 others in the house, sometimes more. I learned to enjoy the companionship. I knew I didn't want more than one other person to share with, but put out feelers and got several responses, including this one that popped up on Sunday evening.

It's still on a bus line, although the stop is down the hill (meaning up the hill coming home!) And there's another gym on that side of town that I can use, plus my favorite food store and my second favorite, the Asian market. I'm looking forward to it.

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