Thursday, February 19, 2015

Biding time

So here I sit, enjoying the mild weather, the sunshine and all that goes along with both, while mostly able to remain patient as I await the time when I can begin to move my belongings to the new abode. I am so ready! Not because this place is awful -- I've actually been enjoying these past couple of weeks of sunshine and garden -- but simply because I want to move on to the next phase, get settled in the new place, and learn my way around the new neighborhood. That should begin happening by the middle of next week.

In the meantime -- the effort is to allay boredom, find things to fill my time, somehow manage to balance my workouts so they are not too much (my norm) nor too little. My upper arms and back are currently throbbing from yesterday, for example. They feel something like warm jelly and last night I had zero energy (but no tension, either). By tomorrow, I'll be at it again, although I think I'm gonna try to cut back the cardio a bit. My cardio sessions also work most of my muscles rather strenuously, and that may just be too much, considering my age and the weight exercises that follow. Too much! Besides that, Greg, my trainer in Corvallis many years ago was adamant that I never do both cardio (beyond 10-15 minutes of warmup) and weights on the same day. He didn't want me 'tearing down the muscles he was trying so hard to build'. I've felt rather guilty as I've ignored that advice these past few weeks.

However, with the weekend coming up I have an urge to travel -- the beautiful, clear, sunny weather on the coast is beckoning, although I probably won't give in to the urge. It looks as if I will need to make a road trip to Corvallis early in the week. Wow! Not to dis Corvallis -- it's a very nice town -- but there's not much I can come up with to do other than my errand to the bank. Maybe with a few days to think about it I can come up with a diversion. The recycling center there is always a good place to get some good cardboard boxes for moving.

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