Saturday, February 21, 2015

High protein bean pasta!

I love pasta, but I also strive to be sure my meals are high in protein and mostly free from refined carbs and grains. Even forgetting the last two, there were many wonderful and easy pasta recipes that I'd love to make, but which had no protein. That beautiful photo at the left is one example.

Earlier this week I watched a Dr. Oz segment on pasta made with beans! Full of protein, no flour, low carbs. How perfect can that be!! And who knew it existed.

I've spent the rest of the week trying to track some down. I found manufacturer websites for both of the featured beans.  The black bean pasta (photo at left), is made by Explore Asian. According to their site, it's available locally at all Albertson's markets, but it's not at the Albertson's nearest me. I'll try another eventually. It's also available on Amazon or through the manufacturer, although that requires buying a box of 6. I don't really want to make that investment without trying it first.

Second is a chickpea pasta from Banza, which is not distributed in Oregon yet, and doesn't appear to be available on Amazon. Just like the above pasta, it's available from the manufacturer in a 6-pack. Not sure where it's made, but it's American-owned and based.

My life would be so much easier with this -- quick and easy meals that fit all my nutritional needs and filled with possibilities for serving. Once I move, I'll probably end up ordering a pack of black bean pasta from Amazon, and maybe a box of the other from Banza. 

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