Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Use it or lose it

More fun than the gym, no doubt!
I've been hitting the exercise thing a lot this week, starting with the longish walk on Saturday. By longish, Google says it's 1.8 miles from here to the fairgrounds. Factor in walking around the show for 45 minutes, and walking to the bus stop for another 15 or so minutes, and it's safe to say I covered more than that.

Monday and today I've upped the resistance level on the rowing machine, followed by my old weights workout. Granted, I'm not doing the complete old weights workout, because rowing really works everything quite well. But I'm following the same protocol, hitting targeted muscle groups on different days, just not quite as much as I'd do normally. Upping the resistance level as much as I can. Went down to 30 mins on the rower, from 45 last week, but that's because I upped the resistance level a notch, making it harder. Then yesterday I walked to the library, about 2.5 miles per Google.

Lots of workout for an old lady! I can feel it -- no aches or pains, just a general feeling that the body has been worked and is a little tired. Oddly enough, even with the muscle fatigue, I have more energy overall. And I know that if I keep up the conditioning, keep stressing those muscles, the strength will return. Maybe not as much as 10 years ago, but I'm suspecting it won't be much different. My legs are still really strong, everything else will catch up.

Tomorrow will be something of a rest day, as I have a doc appt in the morning. I'll do a little walking, but nothing much. Friday, back at the gym.

It's another beautiful day here -- although I haven't spent much time out there. Still, I enjoy the sunshine coming through the curtains, and enough warmth that I'm not shivering or wrapped in fleece blankets. I'll take that.

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