Saturday, January 24, 2015

It feels like spring

No, this isn't local -- springtime in the Napa Valley 
Apologies in advance to my friends in the east/southeast, northern climes and anywhere else that's cold and/or snowy today. Here in the Willamette Valley, the weather is glorious! Clear and sunny, and as I write this, around 11:30am, 67.7 degrees of warm sunshine, and climbing.

I remember from past years that we seem to always get a break like this in January or February, and it's always welcome and glorious and forces everyone outside (we tend to be outside people, here). So nice after a cold/wet/foggy winter. The past few days have been mild, but not this mild and not very many sun breaks in the fog. Supposedly, we can expect more warm sunshine for the next couple of days, then mild days once again, with less sunshine. I'm just happy it's not freezing!

Big Home and Garden show at the fairgrounds this weekend, focusing on natural, organic and sustainable products. I always went, when I lived here before. Best part about it is all the local food people who come out and offer samples of their wares. In the past, I've been known to make the rounds enough to call it lunch, but I didn't do that today. I walked all the way there, about 35 minutes worth, then walked around the pavilions for awhile. Didn't feel energetic enough to walk all the way home, so I walked to the street where the bus runs and, since I was early, walked a few blocks before stopping to wait. I walked about an hour and a half in total, and that's great!

The door is open, the place is airing out, and I feel as if I should go back outside and enjoy. But, I've done enough, and I want to watch the US Figure Skating Championships on the telly, starting in just a few minutes.

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