Saturday, January 10, 2015

Duck Fever

I did mention that I've recently become addicted to Twitter, did I not? Or I should say, Twitter where it concerns the Ducks football playoffs. Haven't signed up for it, because I know I'll lose interest once this is past. At least until next fall.

For those of you out there who haven't discovered Twitter (and I know I'm not the only old fogie ), the draw is the immediacy of the messages, the photos and messages from people who are really on the inside -- UO administration, the equipment folks with their two big semi's and what they have to take, how they set up two locker rooms (1 practice, 1 game), media people from everywhere who are really in the middle. Team members, former team members, future team members (recruits). It's like being there without leaving home.

I can't even begin to describe the state of mind in the State of Oregon right now, and frankly, I'm really, really glad that my return here coincided with this, because it's a really exciting and cool time to be here.

The air here simply buzzes, and I'm not even in town or out-and-about very much. But it's clear that there are a lot more folks wearing their team gear now than even a month ago. Green and yellow are everywhere.

And it doesn't stop with Eugene. The whole state is taking this very personally. Media coverage from Portland stations, twitter shout-outs from folks like our esteemed congressman Peter DeFazio, senators Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley, Rob Marciano on GMA, and countless people famous and otherwise, around the world.

With all that, I've pulled a few photos from Twitter that seem to illustrate all this. The kitten, of course, got me simply because it's a kitten.

Bit of a takeoff delay yesterday when the United charter taking the team to Dallas taxied out with a water salute from the local fire department.

Not to be outdone, the local police are flying the colors on their cars, while at the same time cautioning students (and others) to not go crazy with their celebrations Monday night.

A woman tweeted this after going here to pick up a sign. Kind of says it all.

Yeah -- we all know we might lose. It's a football game, after all. But we all also really support the team and those of us who aren't just fairweather fans will still respect and appreciate them, no matter what, through bitter disappointment. I've managed to keep the butterflies and excitement factor down all week, until today. It's starting to build again, and Monday can't get here soon enough.

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