Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Jerry Lee Lewis and Jimmy Swaggart are Cousins????!!

We have a sort of detente in the feline wars after an uncertain day on the battlefield with a few minor skirmishes. I believe there may be acceptance in the offing for the kitten, who is, after all, only defending her home territory against an invader three times her size.  Some sort of peaceful coexistence has been reached between the two combatants, at least to the extent that they can be in the same room in full sight of one another while peace prevails. At least for a little while. 

As I was about to finish this post, I heard some hissing and growling and turned around to find this.  The photo,  once I downloaded it, made me laugh so hard tears rolled down my face and the kitten came over to see what all the noise was about. Note the shaved belly from her surgery.

Sam came with that really neat bit of cat furniture, but this is the first time she's made herself at home on it.  Both have climbed around on it over the past few days, but not in comfort or quiet.  It's a good sign for both.  I've had a day of playing psychologist to a couple of cats.  The Brat is threatened by and frightened of this huge enemy thrust into her home; Sam is equally scared because she's in a new place with a hissy kitten on her tail all the time.  I've had to try to make nice with each of them, make them both feel comfortable and welcome.  Looks like it's worked, for now. Sort of.

I just watched a movie that I thoroughly enjoyed -- Great Balls of Fire, from 1989, the story of Jerry Lee Lewis.  As you might expect, it was a wild, crazy and very entertaining ride, much like the man himself, who did all the singing and piano playing for the film.  Dennis Quaid was wonderful as the irrepressible Jerry Lee, Winona Ryder wonderful as his teenage bride. The most eye-opening part of the film for me was the fact that Jerry Lee Lewis and Jimmy Swaggart are cousins who grew up together in Louisiana.  Now, I've heard my share of oxymorons and dichotomies and such, but this one takes the cake.  Maybe it's common knowledge, but I managed to miss it all these years.  Hilarious!  Swaggart was played by a very young, very delicious and gorgeous Alec Baldwin.  I managed to miss his movies from this era, am more familiar with the older, fatter version.  Now, I know what the fuss was all about! All in all, great entertainment and great nostalgia, because I grew up in this era and I can't help liking the man's music. 

The poor man's version of Julia's Boeuf was unbelievably good.  I have no finer words to say about that, other than that I have enough left for 4 more luscious meals.  The storms passed quickly and with no damage, the tornado warnings were called off, and other than some cold days and nights in the offing, all is well.

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