Tuesday, November 2, 2010

More Progress....

New plumbing! Not completely, of course -- just the drains, but the rest of it is OK, for now.  I should have no more issues with drainage of any kind. Best of all, that ugly mess behind the washer is gone.

 Before -- old pipes, old, too-short blinds. They wouldn't go any lower than this.

After -- washer now fits farther back into the space, is nicely balanced, and while you can't really see them, new blinds that actually cover the entire window.  Imagine that!

The men who did it were great -- good southern 'boys' who actually cleaned up after themselves fairly well, for men and for plumbers.  Nice local family that's been in the business for years, came highly recommended.

So -- one more major chore out of the way on the long road to making this house a good retirement home.  When you think about it, I've actually accomplished quite a bit over a period of nine months.  All the yard work, roof ventilation, replaced some dry rot at one end of the front porch, two new and one rehabbed window, old insulation out and new insulation in, vapor barrier down, a new heater, new washer, new cooking stove and now, new plumbing.  The goal is to work a couple of years and earn enough money to make all this rehab possible, so I can relax and try to live on social security.  I think I'm well on the way to that end.

So -- the sun is out and life is good.

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