Tuesday, November 16, 2010

This has gotta stop!

The latest permutation of the 'cake for one'.  Lemon poppy seed with a hint of sour cream.  Too damned good, and I'm doing this waaaaaay too often.  If I had a smaller souffle dish, more suitable for one person, it wouldn't be so bad. As it is, this one would feed two, and guess who eats all of it.  Yep.  So, today the remaining sugar in the very small bag I purchased is going into the compost piles, where it will happily encourage all those lovely microbes.

Captured from the Crater Lake webcam last week.  It's been snowing up here for a few weeks now, but the camera more often captures fog and gray skies, rather than this spectacular sight.

The latest cold front to hit the deep south brought cool days and drizzly, constant rain to this area yesterday and probably through the day today.  The good part of that is that the nights are much warmer -- various weather sites put our morning temp at anywhere from 57 to 61.  Not cold, whatever it is.  Merely damp.  After this, we go back to sunny days,  but cooler temps day and night. 

The Brat is back to normal, trying to destroy the house.  I need one of those climbing towers covered with carpet or sisal -- I think she'd make good use of that and perhaps spare the carpet and furniture -- but alas, I cannot afford one.  They are not cheap.

And then there is Netflix.  Yesterday I received the front part of an envelope from them, the part with my address on it, stamped "received without contents" presumably by the post office.  Tried to report it as a problem (and they even had a 'problem' to click on about receiving an envelope without a disc), but when I clicked it, I got a message that while the disc was expected to arrive on the 15th (yesterday), there could be delays in the mail so this issue couldn't be reported until the 17th.  Hello!  What part of 'received without a disc' makes you think the PO will somehow or other magically find and deliver the now unaddressed disc envelope to me?  Contact Netflix?  Forgetaboutit.  If you can't click on a issue, there is no contacting them, that I can find.  Tried last week on another issue.[edit, a couple of hours later]  OK. I got an email that the disc was received by Netflix and they would be shipping the next disc.  That won't work, since it's disc 2 of a 3-disc series, and I really don't want to watch disc 3 before disc 2. There is a phone number, but when I called it last week I got the sweet message that they had a high volume of calls and to please try again later.  Not too encouraging.  This morning I called, waited 2-3 minutes then got a very helpful young man who overrode the system and is having the disc reshipped. A frustrating process, but hopefully it will turn out ok in the end.

The day is young.  For me, there'll be a trip to the library and pharmacy, preceded by a workout with the weights.  After that, it'll probably be moments of peace and relaxation interspersed by longer moments of yelling at The Brat.  Stop that!  Get down!  No!  It's the litany of my life.  Yep -- I really need to get a life!

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