Sunday, November 7, 2010

Guilty Pleasures

Need I say more?

I'm not sure quite when it was that I discovered I could bake a 'cake' for one person without a recipe.  I believe it began with chocolate waffles and went from there. The waffle part happened in Corvallis a dozen or more years ago and was so successful that suddenly the mystery veil of science that always covered cake recipes lifted forever. It's one of the downfalls of cool weather, for me, although I try not to have the ingredients on hand (cocoa powder and flour, in particular).  I've also intentionally avoided having pans of a suitable size on hand for several years now, but then I bought a couple of souffle dishes to use for cat food and water.  Naturally, these are larger than what I used in the past and hold enough for two, so I've doubled the guilt -- as well as the pleasure.

It's pretty simple.  I use one egg, vary the amount of flour, sugar and cocoa to fit the size of the pan, add a little baking powder and salt, milk and cooking oil and vanilla, and that's it.  The waxed paper collar is the lazy way of lining the dish so the cake doesn't stick.  Always tastes yummy, because I always load it with cocoa powder.

I did have some good, homemade beef veggie soup that I made yesterday from some natural beef soup bones I grabbed from the meat freezer at the dairy.  I guess that's kind of like having a huge calorie-laden meal then washing it all down with diet soda, but at the moment, I don't even care.

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