Thursday, November 18, 2010


Really now, could anything be cuter?  Meet Dino, the pal I bought around 1987 in Atlanta, after someone tried to break into my apartment. Royal pedigree from German stock, sweetest little bundle of fur you could ever want.  Smart as a whip.  I loved this little guy dearly but had to let him go when he was six months old and my mother came to stay with me for awhile and since getting rid of my mother was impossible, I had to send him on to another good home with a local news anchor, whose house had just been broken into.  I want another Dino -- but can't really afford this quality and don't want to buy an unknown quality, at any price.

Yesterday at work the subject of Orcas Island and the house I lived in there came up in conversation and a co-worker wanted to see photos.  Some of the remaining photos are prints, others slides that have been digitized, so it was easiest to digitize the prints and put it all here for him to see.  This was the place -- a garage apartment just above Eastsound, overlooking the sound and other side of the island, to the west.  From that little window up there and from the deck, I could see the lights and snow-topped mountains of Vancouver, BC.
I took this photo right after I moved in -- from the corner of my sofa that I'd positioned just so I could see this view while I sat and read or watched TV or anything else.  The view from the deck was, of course, much grander, but this was pretty damned nice.
Sunsets were spectacular -- almost a nightly occurrence but always different in colors that ranged from blazing hot to lavender cool.  My camera lens just wasn't wide enough to take it all in and I always tried to shoot above my landlord's house, which sat below mine.
Spectacular skies, always!  Add that to the ever-changing colors of the water and island amid the mists and fogs and weather and well -- suffice it to say that this was a wonderful place to hang out for a couple of years.
Found this while I was rooting in the photo album, thought I might as well add it to the other 'younger Kitty' photos I've put on this blog.  This was an unknown outing with the GATC, probably somewhere around 1990.  I would have been 48 then -- and that's me on the right.  Sigh.

I'm enjoying this sunny day.  Did my weight work this morning then went out for a walk, running various errands, for about an hour.  Introduced myself to a distant cousin who owns the pharmacy I use and we had a nice chat.  Harvested some greens from the garden for dinner.  Reading -- a book set on Orcas Island which probably started all this nostalgia.

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  1. Nostalgia and melancholy are two of my favorite words...