Sunday, November 28, 2010


 Meet Sam!

There's a new feline in the house and, as you might imagine, The Brat is not too amused.  In fact, she literally has a hissy fit anytime she gets near the other cat or smells her on my hands. 

A few weeks ago an ex-coworker who'd quit to be "Mr. Mom" to his new daughter while his wife returned to work called and asked if I'd like to have their cat, since both his wife and the new baby are allergic.  My response at the time was something along the line of "no way in hell do I need another cat!".  In the meantime, I've been thinking about it and wondering if having another cat in the house might be good company for The Brat, and since she's so fascinated by the ones that come around when she's hanging on the front porch in the evenings, I finally called Daniel and asked if they still had the cat.  Long story short, they brought the cat over last night.  The new cat, Sam, is a huge and beautiful long-hair who has done nothing but hide under furniture since her arrival.  Daniel said they didn't see her for two weeks when they first brought her home.

By morning she was behind the chair in the corner, rather than under it, so I reached down and petted her and talked to her.  Eventually, after I locked The Brat in the bedroom, she let me pick her up and hold her for awhile, shaking with fear.  And even with all her fear, not once did a claw or tooth threaten, unlike The Brat whose claws and teeth seem to come first in almost any instance.  I held her for awhile, walked around the house with her so she could see where she is, but as soon as I let loose she headed under the sofa.  Eventually I coaxed her out once, and she cuddled and walked around a bit, but headed back and for now, I'm going to leave her there in peace.  I'll get her out, bit by bit, at her own pace.

So -- we'll see what kind of standoff continues.  I took The Brat into the bedroom with me last night because she had just calmed down and curled up for a nap, and I'll do the same tonight, to give Sam a chance to come out and prowl around if she wants to, in peace.  Sam, by the way, is about 3 times the size of The Brat and well able to take care of herself if the young whippersnapper gets too annoying.  Part of my thoughts included the idea that if The Brat continues to be such a little claw-and-tooth-first evil critter, I'll find a home for her and keep Sam, who is by all reviews a sweet cuddler. 

We had a really cold night -- down to 26 or so, depending on which weatherguesser site I look at.  Lots and lots of heavy frost that's finally starting to burn off.  Later, once it all burns off and unfreezes, I think I'll go out and turn one of the compost piles, because I need some exercise and walking is boring.

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  1. Seems like you really are in for the count... Next there will be a big old hound warming himself in front of the hearth.