Sunday, August 16, 2015

Use it or lose it

I have stayed in bed for most of the last 23 hours, and will probably be headed back there soon. Why? Because I am pooped, that's why. Drained.

Yesterday I went to a local one-day Goenka meditation retreat here in town, and it did me in. I was tired when I woke up to begin with, but sitting still on the cushion from 9:30 to 4:30 really was too much. We had an hour for lunch, and a few 10-minute breaks about every hour. I realized halfway through the day that I haven't sat a retreat, or even a full day of meditation, for over a year and a half now, and it shows. My 'meditation muscles' are not in shape. For me, it hits mostly in the back and shoulder/neck region -- the trapezoids and latts. Those get a lot of use when sitting upright with no support. They get stronger with practice. But then, the Goenka retreats are the worst when it comes to physical torture. I don't think anybody who's been to one would argue that. At least this one was one day, rather than the normal 10 days. It only took me half a day to remember why I don't go to those very often. But -- they have these every other month or so, and I may try it again. Or not.

So today, I've gotten out of bed mostly to eat and pee. Hopefully, by tomorrow I'll be peppy and ready to hit the gym again.

Speaking of the gym, I was wondering yesterday why I take the time to go to the gym and do the treadmill. My neighbor, who is around 85, goes out and walks seemingly every day, right outside the door. I don't keep track of him, but I do see him out on the walking trail often, when I'm waiting for the bus, or driving past. He wears red running shorts and his shoulders are a little hunched, but he walks fast and it looks as if he works his upper body with weights, well and regularly, as well. Like I've always said -- use it or lose it. He uses it.

Sorry for such a boring post. Time to hit the bed again.

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