Sunday, August 9, 2015

Turkey trot

Went out on the upstairs balcony to check on a basil plant I repotted earlier, heard a squirrel having fits, looked to see what he was upset about.

There's a flock of these critters that roam the neighborhood,  but this guy seems to be alone at the moment. When I first looked, he was roosting happily near the corner of the railing, but by the time I came back with the camera he wasn't thrilled with my presence and began moving off. Thanks for the zoom with this one -- that ground is further away than it looks here! The squirrel was unhappy because the resident next door, whose deck that is, puts out food and water for the squirrels, and of course the local birds take advantage, too. Guess this was too big a bird for comfort. This guy can probably eat a lot of squirrel food.

Not much happening for me this weekend. I opted to just take two days off for exercise -- makes sense, at my age and after 5 straight days of good workouts. Been doing a few other stuff, but not much. Weather here is fabulous. Warm, but not hot. Mid 80's, a little cloud cover today here and there. Nothing to complain about there. Tomorrow, back to they gym.

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