Friday, August 21, 2015

Underwater life

The E/V Nautilus sent a tweet this afternoon of some video taken during a recent dive off the west coast -- presumably the most recent one, near Monterey.  The subject was the small yellow ghost-like blob on the bottom, which is a dumbo (I think) octopus. But I found the red jellyfish floating across the rich blues and greens to be ethereal.

It's a fascinating critter -- its tentacles are hidden underneath its body.  As the camera stays on it, the critter is moving, of course, poking its tentacles from underneath, seeming to be yawning and half asleep. Who knew things like this existed? I sure didn't.

The joy for me from watching the video live as they survey the dive sites is watching exactly this -- the critters of the ocean bottom, the very rich life that floats and swims past all the time. The scientists are talking about these particular critters on the video, and it's all much better in motion than in these screen cap photos, so have a look for yourself.

They're getting really rough seas as they travel north. Watching from the camera, the motion is so strong and the waves so big it almost makes me seasick, sitting right here! And no, I don't watch it all day, but I do check in from time to time to have a look.

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