Friday, August 7, 2015

Life is good

This gal's had a busy day!

At the gym, tired of the treadmill and walking, I managed 15 minutes on the elliptical, which is probably a lifetime record for me on one of those machines. That's kind of a good feeling, really. Then, onto a bike for another 15 minutes. That one was easier, but I didn't have an urge to keep going past my 30 minute total. Lots of new muscles in use, which is a good thing, but they tire easily.

That makes five good workouts in a row, which will hopefully begin to translate into fat loss soon. Yesterday, I rode the bus to the nearest market to get a Kind bar (my latest food addiction) and to simply have a destination. Then, I walked back home. Google says it's 1.8 miles. I wanted to try it both directions, but wasn't quite sure I could make it, plus it was just past noon so it was warm and sunny. The 40 minute walk home was quite enough for now. I've also done my 'around the block' walk after lunch every day. Doesn't take long, but includes a walk back up the steepest part of the hill, so it has value.

Then, I created a Twitter account. Something I've been thinking about for awhile, although I don't really have much interest in sending anything. It just keeps track of the various football-related accounts I follow, so I can see them all in one spot rather than looking at each account individually. After all, football season is close at hand! Sometimes I see things I'd like to comment on, so eventually maybe I will. But you really need to have something to say before sending one! And no, I'm not going to offer up my handle here. Anybody wants it, email me, but I really don't think anybody I know who reads this has a twitter account! I could be wrong.

Also walked up the trail from the house in search of blackberry brambles, but only came away with maybe a dozen berries. Too shady in there for many of them to actually ripen, and many of them are out of reach. But they sure are good!

All this -- especially the emphasis on exercise -- is great for fighting off depression. Every day seems to offer up more energy, and I really feel great today. Happy, energetic, interested in life. And that makes me feel even better. Life is good.

Not sure what the weekend will bring. Hope yours is good!

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