Wednesday, August 5, 2015

A prowler?

We think we may have had a prowler last night! And of course the logical thing that popped into my mind was publish a photo of the house! Right? Not exactly.

Well, this is a photo of the dwelling, but I decided yesterday that I'd put it up here just for the heck of it. Timing was coincidental.

So here's the story. I went upstairs this morning at 6am to fix my breakfast smoothie, and found the front door standing ajar. That's never happened before. And, when I went up last night around 8pm, I did my usual glance at the door and I know it was closed and I'm pretty sure I checked that it was locked, as my glances tend to take in both. I emailed my roommate, who went to bed very early last night, to see if she'd left it open for some reason. She had not, but said she woke up around 11:15 and had an uneasy sense that she should go upstairs and check the front door, but she didn't follow that instinct. She did, however, flip on the light switch that lights the stairwell, so if there was somebody up there, that may have scared them off. She wonders if a noise woke her up, although the dog didn't bark. I don't really think the dog would bark at the sound of someone two floors up, as she's used to people living in this room who walk around upstairs, go in and out the door at all hours. My roomie mentioned that the previous tenant, who was a little odd, turned in her key before she left (last fall) but could have had a copy made. Just to be safe, she wants us to be sure and lock the screen door as well as the house door at night. I'm not scared -- not at all the scared type -- but admit that it's a little unsettling.

So back to the photo. Took it this morning a little after 9am, to illustrate the big trees that keep this place so cool. It's a clear day out there, but the sun (east is to the left) hasn't crested the trees on that side and the big trees on the right will start blocking it from the roof early in the afternoon. When these places were built, they only cut down enough trees for the driveway and buildings. If you look closely, you can see an outline of the hills in the background -- that's where I hike, all the way to the top. There's nothing between here and there except the power line right-of-way and trees. Not a bad gig.

Made it to the gym this morning, but it's hard, mentally, to do the full time. I upped it to 35 minutes today, and will do that until I'm back at 45. My body would do more, but the mind just doesn't like it, needs to be forced.

That's the excitement around here today.

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